Health Insurance Fraud / Class Action:

United American Insurance Company

Lovell, Nalley & Ford, together with co-counsel from Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, P.A., are currently representing the Plaintiffs in a class action suit against United American Insurance Company, Farm & Ranch Healthcare, Inc. and Heartland Alliance of American Association concerning the allegedly fraudulent and deceptive sale of United American health insurance policies, packaged with other products (Smith v. Collinsworth, Circuit Court of Saline County, Arkansas, Case No. CV2004-72-2).

This class action is brought on behalf of current and former policyholders alleging that they were sold United American limited benefits health policies falsely marketed as the equivalent of major medical coverage, which were bundled with other products, including memberships in preferred provider organizations and term life insurance, that were represented as free but which carried hidden charges. The action seeks to recover the losses suffered by policyholders resulting from defendants’ allegedly deceptive marketing practices, as well as injunctive relief. The case has been certified as a class action covering over 20,000 United American policyholders in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and California.

If you have been affected by defendants’ conduct or would like to discuss your legal rights, please contact John Doyle Nalley at 501-315-7491.

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